Delivered to 222 countries and regions, broadcast in 24 countries and regions!

DAISUKI availability

[Regions] The whole world except China, France, French-speaking regions and Japan

[Supported Languages] English, Spanish (Spain/Latin America), Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Malay (Bahasa Malaysia), Thai and Tagalog

[Broadcast/Delivery Begins] 04/11/2015 (Sat) 12:00 AM (JST), simultaneous availability

iQiyi availability

[Regions] Mainland China

[Supported Languages] Chinese (Simplified)

Crunchyroll availability

[Regions] USA, Canada, Central and South America (Including Caribbean countries and regions), Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, European regions except for France and French speaking regions

[Supported Languages] each language

[Broadcast/delivery begins] 04/11/2015 (Sat) 12:00 AM (Japan Time), simultaneous availability.

Hulu availability

[Regions] America and Canada

[Supported Languages] English

YouTube availability

[Regions] Italy and Italian speaking regions

[Supported Languages] Italian

YouTube availability

[Regions] Taiwan

[Supported Languages] Chinese (Traditional)

[Broadcast/delivery begins] 04/10/2015 (Fri) 11:00 PM (Local time)

Mangas cable/satellite broadcast

[Regions] France (including overseas territories), Monaco, Andorra, French-speaking Europe (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg), French speaking countries across Africa

[Supported Languages] French

[Broadcast/delivery begins] 04/14/2015 (Tue) 11:35 PM (Local Time)


*Viewing method varies by service. For details, please check the service's homepage.